I bring over 19 years of professional medical writing and communication expertise to help you to communicate the value of your product. I have participated in the preparation of product licensing applications; of medical affairs launch plans and activities; and of value proposition arguments. My LinkedIn profile provides a summary of the breadth of my expertise.

I also offer expertise in working with and facilitating the activity of diverse teams responsible for the development of these types of deliverables. Working with these teams can involve unique challenges; there is a need to gain understanding of their relative priorities, which may in part be driven by geographic concerns such as local medical practices and local reimbursement guidelines. Having worked in both regional and global headquarters I offer experience in dealing with these situations.

Further, I have experience in helping to address a variety of audiences, both inside and outside of the pharmaceutical arena. For example, I have helped to develop and edit internal documents addressing upper management, I have helped to review, synthesize, and streamline a variety of documents, including a book on the SAS output delivery system.

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Document Types

  • Abstracts, posters, and manuscripts

  • Presentations

  • Clinical study reports

  • Other documents submitted to the FDA or EMEA

  • Value dossiers

  • Response documents submitted to Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services

  • Strategic and tactical publication plans

  • Working with publication committees

  • Advisory board and meeting reports

  • Press releases

  • Communications with clinical societies

Software Experience

I offer expertise in using the following software:

  • Microsoft Word - including managing tables of content, formatting of text and tables, and other technical aspects of Word documents.

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Documentum-like document management services, SharePoint

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • EndNote, Mendeley

Personal Training

With respect to medical publications, I am a certified medical publication professional (ISMPP CMPP™) as determined by the International Society of Medical Publication Professionals. Click here to learn more about this certification.

I also completed the following: