Don't be just another resume.

Standing out in a crowd can be difficult, no matter whether you are a job seeker or a small business. A resume can share who you are, it is a great introduction and door opener. It is, however, limited in how big it can be. A resume is "flat." A forum like your LinkedIn profile provides the way to be dynamic, to be alive. You can link to videos or other documents that speak to who you are and what you offer. You can link to presentations that are available online. You can provide details on projects and volunteering that you work on.

In most areas, a 1-page resume is recommended. It can be hard at times to craft a resume that is differentiating. It can become very tempting to try to cram that resume with every detail, relevant or not. A resume that is the result of cramming is not very strategic. It looks like many others.

When you have a well-crafted LinkedIn profile, well crafted both in quality and in details, you have the freedom to let go of trying to fit the unnecessary details in your resume. Knowing the details reside somewhere, there is more freedom to speak to the opportunity to which you are applying in that resume. You can leave details out and refer to your LinkedIn profile for those who want to see more.

Choose your words wisely, know who you are and communicate that in your LinkedIn profile and then craft the resume to the particulars of the job to which you are applying!

Originally published on LinkedIn on June 6, 2018. Link in title.